Music piracy is decreasing in Italy. 
According to FIMI data, music piracy has fallen by 35% in the last year and the first figures for 2019 seem to confirm this trend with record numbers, with a -10% in the first three months of the year.

This significant reduction in piracy has been due to the increasingly affordable legal offer, especially in the field of streaming listening. The formula "New Music Friday" is also popular with users, i.e. the simultaneous release of new albums on all channels globally.

Analyzing the numbers, it affects -52.6% of music downloaded via torrent compared to last year. The "stream ripping" ( the practice of downloading the music from YouTube videos and the like- ) fell by 41%. Downloads from Mega-type cyberlockers are also decreasing, with a -19.4% year-on-year increase.

According to FIMI, however, the impact of the new laws that have led to the closure of many illegal sites should not be underestimated. The Italian Music Industry Federation praises in particular the AGCOM regulation, which has been in force since 2013 and adapted with small changes to all the latest illegal techniques.